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Top Gear showcases British car manufacturing

British car manufacturing is thriving. Every 20 seconds a new car rolls off the production line somewhere in the UK.

The BBC’s flagship car programme, Top Gear, celebrated Britain’s contribution to vehicle engineering and manufacturing in its latest episode, aired on BBC Two on Sunday, August 4th. A stunning collection of British cars, motorbikes, tractors, and a host of other vehicles gathered on the Mall outside Buckingham Palace in London as part of the show. The programme is available on BBC iPlayer (the feature starts from 48:52).

EAL’s Head of Business Innovation Elizabeth Bonfield said: “EAL is proud to work with companies central to Britain’s world renowned car manufacturing industry. Companies such as Nissan, Jaguar Land Rover, and Rolls Royce place skills high on their agenda. They offer high-quality qualifications that equip the vehicle manufacturing and engineering sector with the skilled workforce that will secure the future of British car industry. We are delighted to be a play a part in that success.”




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