We are currently experiencing a technical issue with Secure Client that is preventing exam delivery.

Resolving this issue with our software providers is our priority. Every effort is being made to ensure an effective solution is found quickly and we will update you once a fix is implemented. Committed to minimising disruption, we have identified an interim solution for Centres running exams up to and including Tuesday 19th January.

If you are unable to reschedule exams you have booked before Tuesday 19th January, please contact exams@eal.org.uk immediately, for a resolution.

Engineering Technologies VRQs

EAL's suite of leading engineering qualifications are perfect for inclusion as part of your curriculum planning.  The qualifications have been designed specifically in response to customer feedback, ensuring they meet the needs of our centres, employers and learners.

Qualifications available

Level 1 Award in Engineering Technologies - 601/5657/0

Level 1 Certificate in Engineering Technologies - 601/5658/2

Level 1 Diploma in Engineering Technologies - 601/5659/4

Level 2 Certificate in Engineering Technologies - 601/5670/3

Level 2 Diploma in Engineering Technologies - 601/5669/7

Level 3 Certificate in Engineering Technologies - 601/5800/1

Level 3 Subsidiary Diploma in Engineering Technologies - 601/5799/9*

Level 3 Diploma in Engineering Technologies - 601/5801/3*

Level 3 Extended Diploma in Engineering Technologies - 601/5802/5*.

*Level 3 qualifications with UCAS points accreditation

EAL Qualified Logo sample

 Request the EAL Qualified logo

The level of industry consultation and employer involvement that goes into the design of EAL qualifications is unmatched by any other awarding organisation.

As a result, our qualifications are not only well recognised and fit for purpose, but they carry weight and respect with employers industry-wide.

So if you want to demonstrate the quality of learning and level of achievement you have gained, why not incorporate the EAL 'Qualified' logo within your marketing toolkit.