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EAL gas qualifications have been developed in close consultation with employers and industry bodies, and covering all aspects of gas safety, our suite of up and down stream gas qualifications is both comprehensive and flexible.

The qualifications in gas are tailored to support both existing workers and new entrants to the sector. The suite also caters for staff in customer service, supervisory and management roles to improve their understanding of industry practices.

A skilled workforce is essential to achieve improvements in energy usage and efficiency in domestic, commercial and industrial premises.

We offer qualifications in …

  • gas utilisation
  • gas metering
  • installation of gas appliances
  • installation and maintenance of gas appliances
  • gas emergency first call operative
  • domestic heating – gas fired water and central heating appliances
  • domestic heating – gas fired warm air appliances
  • domestic plumbing and heating – gas fired warm air and water appliances
  • network construction operations (main and service layers).

EAL qualifications in gas cover Levels 1-3, offering a wide range of learning routes within the gas industry. EAL learners will be equipped with the skills and knowledge to drive improved efficiencies in a highly regulated sector, whilst being able to work towards professional recognition from industry bodies like Gas Safe.

EAL qualifications in gas can lead to employment as ...

  • Central heating engineer
  • Heating engineer
  • Heating and ventilation engineer
  • Gas fitter
  • Gas meter installer
  • Gas engineer
  • Domestic heating engineer